Telecoms Data

We have an extensive knowledge and experience of the Telecoms & Utilities sector and therefore, able to provide a full range or services for these sectors.

Utilizing the correct staff, knowledge and data enable us to provide unique and valuable service helping phone dealers target customers well before their competition.We also have years of experience within the Telecoms & Utilities sector which allows us to cater to the small sized , medium sized as well as large sized organisations , by understanding their business requirements.

We use our inhouse team to run surveys to generate these data/leads/appointments and can also work towards generating bespoke leads where we can tailor the criteria to match your business requirement.Our service includes :


B2B mobile phone renewal data (fresh)

B2B mobile phone sales leads ( Face-To-Face Appointments ))

B2B mobile phone sales leads ( Tele-appointments )

B2B mobile phone historical data ( 0-12 month old)

B2B fixed line contract renewal data (fresh)

B2B fixed line sales leads ( Tele-appointments )

B2b gas & electric renewal data (fresh )

All of our leads are fresh, exclusive & delivered at real time i.e, every morning at 10:00 am in a tidy and a well managed excel format.These sales leads are also available with a threshold of 85%+ (1st use only) accuracy guarantee and covered with the replacement policy.

Cost of these leads are dependant on the volumes & the criteria.Please contact our sales team for full information including the sample of lead generation template.

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