Digital Web Leads

We can provide an almost unlimited number of up to date, hot leads ready for conversion. Our team of online marketing specialists use search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click  (PPC) advertising techniques to capture individuals as they search for products and services. Highly directed campaigns are created which encourage potential leads to click onto bespoke landing pages where their information is captured and sent directly to your customer management system, in real time.

The quality of the leads is second to none as they capture individuals who have specifically requested further information. There is no delay and data has been provided by the individual themselves, not collected via intrusive surveys or cold calling.

Digital Web Leads provide the most cost effective way to deliver sales. They are guaranteed to be up to date and 100% legal allowing you to achieve higher completion rates than any other form of data provision.

Data can be provided for a wide range of industries, including:


Individual Voluntary Agreement

Insolvency Service statistics show that the number of individual voluntary agreements (IVAs) is increasing with almost 60% of individuals choosing an IVA as their preferred route to manage insolvency as an alternative to bankruptcy.

When individuals search for information on IVAs they can be directed to landing pages which have been established by our team of PPC specialists. We can choose to segment the data however this is required, by region, age or any other selected variable allowing the client to select the best performing potential leads.

Life insurance

The insurance industry in the UK is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world managing investments in excess of £1.8 Trillion. The number of individuals holding life insurance is increasing. We can give you access to new leads in this lucrative growth area.


Almost 21 million people in the UK have a pension scheme, however with the introduction of auto enrolment and mandatory workplace pensions this is a rapidly growing sector. Many individuals are now looking to become more selective with their personal pension plan, our data can allow you to capture these individuals at a key stage in their purchasing life cycle.

 Funeral plan

Funeral planning has become more relevant in recent years with more people, previously only 22% of the population had financial plans in place to cover the cost of their funeral. With the cost of funerals rising year on year more individuals are open to the idea of planning for the inevitable. We can provide access to the individuals looking for these plans, allowing you to tap into this rich seam of potential leads.

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