IVA Leads

The number of households in the UK struggling with debt is increasing daily.

Personal debt is at an all time high and many of the individuals are looking for solutions to manage their increasing outgoing. A large number of these individuals search online to find help and advice including debt management and IVA’s.  Data4Leads can help you capture these individuals as they search the web allowing you to tap directly into a major source of IVA leads.

Following the changes to the requirements to establish an IVA the number of people who are using these plans has increased. Data4Leads have a team of professional online marketing and sales specialists who can develop online campaigns which will allow you to capture the individuals as they search for IVA’s to produce high performing IVA leads.

The Data4Leads team build highly effective pay per click campaigns which target Individuals searching online for IVA’s directing them to your brand pages where they enter their personal details which are submitted directly to your sales system. It is a highly effective way to capture some of the highest performing IVA leads in the industry.

Unlike more traditional forms of lead data you can be sure that the IVA leads you receive are accurate and up to date as the individuals have provided their own details and have specifically requested information about your brand.

Data4Leads have vast experience in supporting organisations in building sales for growth, their team of specialists can assist in developing your business providing highly effective 

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