Funeral Plan Leads

The cost of funerals is rising every year.

Many people fail to appreciate the high cost for even the most simple funeral. Today, an average funeral costs over £3,000 for a cremation or in excess of £4,000 for a burial. The number of people who are planning for their future by purchasing funeral plans is also increasing, more and more people are striving to protect their families from the cost of funeral expenses.

As a funeral plan provider it can be difficult to tap into this lucrative market with traditional marketing routes such as press and television advertising often proving to be prohibitively expensive and traditional funeral plan leads captured from generic surveys or cold calling can be ineffective, often providing dated or inaccurate information which fails to provide effective closure rates.

The Data4Leads team have over 15 years experience in sourcing excellent funeral plan leads, using innovative methods to provide the most relevant and highest performing leads in the market.

Rather than cold calling or relying on survey data, the Data4Leads team generate funeral plan leads using tailored online advertising techniques which allow them to identify and capture individuals who search for funeral plans online using major search engines.

The Data4Leads approach directs interested individuals to landing pages where they can enter their details to request more information. These highly focused funeral plan leads can be passed directly to your sales systems to allow your sales teams to engage for a rapid closure.

The Data4Leads specialists can design a sales capture programme specific to your needs and can support you through every part of the process. Data4Leads have generated high quality funeral plan leads for a wide range of providers and are experts in the provision of high quality data. Data4Leads can consistently deliver the quantity and quality of up to date and relevant funeral plan leads you require to help your business grow and succeed.

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