Rewriting the rules for sales with web lead generation

Big data is dead!

In the past, in order to fill your sales funnel with new leads you could look for data providers to supply relevant leads for your industry. The quality of these leads would often vary, from much used content provided by agents who could not guarantee their source through to high quality, unique data. However, the common thread was that these leads were generated from surveys or telesales operations.

It is true that you could create large datasets and discover information, for example, when would an individual need to renew their insurance policies or when will their mobile contract expire. However, this method lacks the speed and accuracy required for a modern, high volume sales operation.


With survey data you can only ever capture a small subset of your potential target audience and often by the time you receive the data and act upon it the moment has passed. What organisations needed was a way to read the minds of individuals, capture the point when they were actively seeking a product or service and then capture and close the deal in real time.

The fabled crystal ball is still impossible and even the most able sales manager cannot read the mind of their customer with one hundred percent accuracy, however where you cannot read their mind you can read their online actions and more specifically their web searches.

For example, if you were a customer with an old and dated mobile phone one of the last actions you may carry out on the handset would be looking for a new provider and the best possible mobile contract. It is at this stage that highly talented online marketing specialists can use pay per click advertising to tempt and then capture the customer and their specific data.

PPC can be used to capture individuals searching for new mobile phone contracts and offer them a highly attractive link to a simple, branded landing page where they can find out more and request more details. It is at the moment they hit submit this request appears in your sales management system as a highly qualified potential lead.

We may not be able to read the mind of your customer, however this is surely the next best thing. Instead of pursuing potential leads they will come directly to you, providing you with a nearly unlimited source of potential customers.

The savvy sales director knows that web generated leads are the only way forward, providing you with the competitive you need to grow.

Data 4 Leads can support you in migration from your existing data provider to a web based leads system. Their team have many years of experience in marketing and sales support and are market leaders. The Data 4 Leads team will discuss your business requirements before developing bespoke campaigns to directly target your potential customers.

The data specialists can create direct links from the tailored landing pages to your sales management systems to ensure you receive a constant flow of high quality leads. In addition, they have teams of sales and marketing specialists who can provide advice and support for all aspects of your business.

Speak with one of the Data 4 Leads team today to find out more.

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